Friday, May 13, 2011

april showers bring may flowers?

i thought april showers brought may flowers?
in my little corner of the world there are a few flowers
but by golly gee, it seems like all april has brought
are more may showers! 

the gloomy weather only means one thing to me:
i must find creative ways to entertain two little girls indoors

i was browsing online and saw this necklace which zoe happened to spy over my shoulder
and immediately told me she had to have (like mother like daughter i tell you!)

using supplies on hand
and to satisfy the taste of one very girly girl and one not so very girly girl
we decided to make our own versions

we used wooden beads, fabrics scraps and string
we strung the beads onto the string (which was the girls favourite part)

 and tied the string of beads to 2" wide strips of fabric
the length of strips depend on how long you want the necklace
i also didn't bother sewing the edges down of the strips because i liked the look
of the frayed edges

tada! didn't take very long at all
the part that took the longest was the girls choosing their fabric
they kept changing their minds and asking me for fabric designs that i didn't have
(side note: though mommy has a lot of fabric, she is not a fabric store)

zoe finally settled on a pink fabric with flowers
and pia blue fabric with rockets

and best of all, they wear them everywhere
even to bed!
i think because they made it themselves, they love them just a bit more


Alely said...

great job crafting with the girls friend! i'm glad they love them so much they wear them to bed : ).

happy friday!

Eleni said...

They have learnt a very important lesson! I laughed when I read "though mommy has a lot of fabric, she is not a fabric store"!