Sunday, May 15, 2011

happy birthday jonie!!!

snapshot taken right after she finished the BMO marathon

this is my sister and my best friend
today is her birthday
(happy birthday jonie!)

she is my sister by birth but my best friend by choice
she is my best friend for many reasons

she is a second mom to my girls
she looks after them and loves them like her own

when she is at the mall and sees something
that she knows i would like
or something she knows i have been looking for
she will buy it for me
(she does the same thing for my girls)

she watches all those cheesy romantic comedies with me
(which my hubs will forever be grateful for!)

she doesn't let anyone mess with me!
i am the quiet one
so if someone hurts my feelings or is being not-too-nice
i don't usually say or do anything
but my sister is not quiet at all
and will usually "take care" of that person for me
(d0n't worry, nothing mob-ish or anything
 usually just a snide remark about her ugly shoes
here or there)

she is always reminding me to eat healthy and excercise
it can get a little annoying sometimes
but i know it's only because she loves me!

she is not only a great sister to me
she is an amazing person

she bought her own townhouse at the age of 25!
she is a nurse, one of the most demanding and unselfish careers i can think of
a short time ago, she set a goal for herself to run her first marathon ever
and by golly she did!
she has this amazing zest for life
often traveling a few times a year
and learning new hobbies just because

happy birthday jonie!
hope it's your best one yet
you deserve it!


sharonlei said...

Awww Happy Birthday to your sissy.. she sounds like an amazing person.. and it's funny, my BFF's name is Joanie.. and she's also like a sister to me! Jozen, it's still so freaky that we have so many things in common.. haha. Love it!

I hope you're doing fabulously. Miss ya.

xx Love & Aloha

junesanjuan said...

happy birthday jonie!
I love sisters! My sister and I are the same way, but with a goofy twist. haha!

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

sisters are the best! happy bday to your sister :)

Becky said...

what a sweet post for your sister!

Eleni said...

She sounds awesome! And it sounds like you love her very much :)

Alely said... this! that's a special relationship you got going on there. happy birthday to your sis!