Friday, May 6, 2011

mommy day

as mentioned in my previous post
my little family and i celebrated mother's day
a wee bit early this week

mother's day 'round these parts is pretty hectic
not only do we have my own wonderful mom to celebrate
we also have my mother in law
and countless other fabulous aunts, sister in laws and friends

so i usually get my very own "mommy day"
either a few days before mother's day or a few days after

this year i told my hubs
all i want to do for mother's day is to have a pulled pork sandwich

and by golly that's what i did!
(with a few little goodies sprinkled in between)

mommy day started off bright and early
since aforementioned food truck
is a 2 hour drive away
located in one of my favourite cities

it was such a lovely day we stopped to take some photos
at the bottom of the space needle

and then from there we headed towards
home of seattle's best cupcakes

i got my usual, red velvet
the hubs, vanilla with buttercream
and both girls got mini chocolate with vanilla/chocolate buttercream icing

they were indeed very yummy
but we had to save them for later
because right after picking up our cupcakes
we headed straight for the maximus/minimus food truck

the truck was a little late getting to the location
so we had to wait a little bit for them to set up
so i took the opportunity to take some pics of my girls
they are really good sports at letting their
 mommy act like a crazy paparazza around them

but by this shot, pia was getting pretty hungry, therefore she was being cranky
and so was i to be honest with you (hungry not cranky)

but let me tell you
the pulled pork sandwich was most definitely worth the drive
and the wait!

and because we had a wee bit of room left in our tummies

it was the cutest little shop
decorated to look like an old school house
complete with a vintage black board and vintage wooden benches

once we got our ice cream
(honey lavender for me, vanilla bean for the hubs and theo
 chocolate for the girls)
we crossed the street to sit in the park
and eat our ice cream under the warm spring sun

pure ice cream bliss

of course my mommy day wouldn't have been complete without a stop
at my favourite store where this pretty skirt came home with me
and i also made a stop at a new favourite store, le frock
where i picked up this lovely vintage bauble

but the best part of the whole day
was just hanging out and having fun with my two favourite girls
and my wonderful hubby
who willingly drove 2 hours to indulge a whim
that some people might find silly

and to all you mommies (and soon-to-be-mommies) out there
whether you became a mommy in the traditional sense
or by marriage
or by adoption
or you are an aunt/cousin/girlfriend that is looked to as a mommy

happy mother's day
you all rock!!!


Becky said...

Sounds like you guys had a great day! Love that truck, it's tough and hilarious at the same time!

Alely said...

awwwww....what a fun mommy day! glad you were able to do all that you wanted!

happy mother's day friend! you are one beautiful mommy inside and out!

Brandi {not your average ordinary} said...

Happy Mother's Day, Jozen! The thing I admire most about you as a mother is that you really create the most wonderful memories with your family. I can just tell.

Eleni said...

What a aonderful day! I'm going to test this on my boyfriend later: "would you drive for two hours to get my favourite sandwich?" You obviously have a wonderful husband :)

Indy said...

Jozen, your blogs and posts are so enjoyable to read! Your pics are fabulous! Great job!