Wednesday, June 8, 2011

my pia says the darndest things

pia and i went to the grocery store this morning
and while we were walking through the parking lot
she starts to laugh uncontrollably and points at something and says
''man on toilet! on toilet!''
i am quite startled and whip around to see what she is pointing at...
it's the handicap parking sign

come to think of it, it does resemble a person sitting on a toilet
but please don't tell my 3 year old i agree with her

oh, and that's a picture of her boo boo
which she insisted i take a picture of
and if you haven't already
please help me celebrate my 2 year blogiversary!!
the lovely miss sandy of sandy a la mode is hosting a lovely giveaway
in honour of my blogiversary!


simplyvonne said...

haha yes it does look like a person on a toilet!! lol kids say the cutest thing!

Eleni said...

Happy blogoversary! Your blog is always such a treat to read, particularly when you tell us about more cute stuff Pia comes out with!

Karina said...

Happy Blogiversary :) Wishing you many more years of happy writing!!!

You were the second person to leave a comment on my blog :)

What Pia said made me laugh so hard, she's just to cute and kids say the darn-est things :)

xo Karina

Mila said...
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Mila said...

I can't wait till my baby starts to talk and say cute things like that! Congrats on your blogiversary. I'm a happy new follower

Sandy a la Mode said...

happy blogiversary!! ahhaah kids think of the darndest things!! she is right... that handicap sign does kinda look like man on toilet... haha! have a great weekend!!

Nadilah Magee said...

Happy Blogiversary and have a great weekend

Alely said...

man on toilet! too cute! i'm hoping to win that camera!

Laura said...

Oh my gosh! This is adorable!!

Becky said...

ha! Thanks for the giggle.