Friday, June 24, 2011

my zoë and pia say the darndest things!

6:00 a.m. in the morning
zoë comes crawling into my bed
"mommy, i had a bad dream..."
pia hearing the commotion comes into my bedroom
(she is very nosy)
me: "what kind of bad dream?"
zoë: "i dreamt about a monster... a scary monster"
pia: "was the monster blue?"
zoë: "no, it was purple with yellow polka dots..."
pia: "oooooohhh, that is scary!"

after dinner while cleaning up in their playroom
zoë : "pia! you better help clean up!!"
pia: "i am!"
zoë: "no, you are not!"
pia: "yah i are!"
zoë : "that is not a proper sentence pia!"
pia: "yah, it is!"
zoë : "you don't even know what sentence means!"
pia: "yah, i do!"
zoë: "then what does it mean?!"
pia: "i dunno..."
pia: "MOMMY! atat being mean to me!!"

sometime last week
pia: ''mommy is your last name jozen?''

just this past weekend,
i was showing zoe my c-section scar
and telling her that my doctor had to cut my tummy open to get her out
zoë: "oooohhh, i thought babies came out of the momma's foot
i saw it on an episode of Friends..."


Sandy a la Mode said...

hahahahah awwww they are soo adorable!! and i love the pictures you put in between too!!!

Becky said...

too funny. I love the "yay I are." My little one is still in caveman mode everything is "me go to da pool" no "I" yet. Thanks for the morning funnies! Have a great weekend.

Jzabela said...

Thanks for the giggle! That's so cute :)

Malou said...


megan lane said...

hehehehe! too dang cute!! thanks for sharing :) what sweeties.

Melanie said...

Babies coming out of a mom's foot? Kids are hilarious and your two are so adorable.

junesanjuan said...

that's hilarious...

Punctuation Mark said...

they are just sooooo cute!!!

Vintage is for Lovers said...

OMG. Your girls are so adorable. Actually, your whole blog is for that matter! I am loving all of your photos and conversations. I found you on NYAO where you entered my pillow give-a-way. So happy to have found you! I am your new fan! xo Samantha

simplyvonne said...

omg the first pix of your lil girl cracks me up!!!!!!! she is so funny!