Monday, June 27, 2011

weekend snapshots

the weekend was filled with:

cinnamon rolls (with extra frosting!) from cinnzeo

shopping with my sis
 we went shoe shopping 
and anytime we would enter a shoe store, 
my girls would immediately take off their shoes and try on shoe after shoe after shoe

bubble making

bike rides

more bubble making

sunglass modeling
my parents are leaving for toronto tomorrow and
they always bring our east coast family siopao (is it weird to bring food?)

and last but certainly the most important
my lola (zoe and pia's great grandma!)
is back home from the philippines
she lives in the philippines for half of the year and the other half
she lives here
zoe and pia love her so much and she loves them so much
i thank the Lord that she is still healthy and strong enough
to be able to spend time with my girls
and when she comes home she always brings yummy filipino mangoes
which are the best mangoes ever

what was your weekend filled with?


christine donee said...

haha those are great!

Sandy a la Mode said...

ahhh these are all so fun and cute! i love the ones w/ the shoes and sunglasses!!

Paper-Charmed said...

the second picture made me smile. my daughter started doing that with my slippers and i just think it's hillarious.