Wednesday, June 29, 2011

zoë's "me" day!

when my hubby and i were dating, he came up with "me day" 
i didn't know when these days would pop up
but he would pick me up and announce, "it's your day today!"
and i got to do whatever i wanted for the whole day! 
i could have lunch where i wanted, do whatever i wanted, i could go anywhere i wanted
and he would have to oblige, since it was "me day".

to this day, we still have those days, but the only difference is,
it's the girls' day now
it's been a while since i have posted about our special "me days"
(see the last "me day" here: pia's me day)
a few days ago, it was zoe's me day
when she woke up i said to her
it's your special day today...
what do you want to eat for breakfast?
you can have whatever you want!
she told me she wanted chocolate oatmeal
(which is just regular oatmeal with a scoop of ovaltine)
it was a simple breakfast, but like i said,
she could have whatever she wanted!

and then for lunch she asked to have
longannisa, which is a sweet filipino sausage that is eaten with fried rice and a fried egg
it's one of her favorite foods, but we don't have it too often because even though it's pretty darn yummy it's really not too healthy!

my two sisters joined in with zoe's me day festivities
my baby sister even made zoe's favorite chocolate chip cookies

when i told zoe it was her special day and that she could do whatever she wanted
she told me she wanted to go on a family bike ride to the park
have a picnic and eat cupcakes

unfortunately the weather was not cooperating with us
a bike ride and a picnic was just not feasible in the rain

so i suggested bowling
(which is something she has been asking about)
and bowling is what we did!

pia was so funny
when my hubs was telling her what to do
he happened to mention that she wasn't suppose to step on or go near the black line
so she would run up to the line and inch her feet as close to the black line as possible
and then just drop the bowling ball
so then the ball would ever so slooooooooooowly make it's way
down the lane

zoe was really good!
she got the hang of it right away
even beating her own momma

my hubs and my baby sister even got a few strikes here and there
everyone had so much fun
my sisters even suggested that we should
do family bowling at least once a month

right after bowling we made our way over to our favorite cupcake bakery
for some delicious cupcakes
red vevet for me and my sis
diva for zoe and chocolate for pia

zoe's dinner request was for mcdonalds
from which i tried to dissuade her
i am not a fan of mcdonalds
(have you read this article?)
i don't know what it is, but all kids seem to love mcdonalds!
but i did give in, i mean it is her "me day" after all

all in all, despite the last minute change of plans
zoe had a great "me day"
and my little pia is already asking when her pia day is coming

she has already informed me that she wants "hotdogs from costco" for lunch...


Emkae said...

I love the brilliant idea of "ME" day. What a great way to make one feel special. I'd have to start doing this to the husband and daughter.:P

megan lane said...

how sweet of your hubby to give you you days!! i love that you've continued the tradition with your kids.. it must be very special for them!

Tang said...

Such a sweet idea! I love it.

Sandy a la Mode said...

umm i LOVE the idea of a "me day"! we must implement that at my house pronto haha!!

Becky said...

how fun!

Love how they have "mini" balls at your local alley! Never seen that before.

jozen said...

Becky- yes! it's 5 pin bowling. there are only 5 pins and the bowling balls don't have holes. I think it might be a Canadian thing?

Gracie said...

Oh this is a wonderful. What a fantastic idea. I'm sure she had a great time. This would be fun idea to do with my hubby :)

Vintage is for Lovers said...

What a beautiful idea! xo Samantha