Friday, July 1, 2011

school's out!

my first baby is officially done her first year of school!
the school year was a blur of field trips, birthday parties
school concerts, hot lunches, homework and fun days

on her first day of kindergarten, i was pretty proud of myself
i managed to drop her off and leave her without bawling my eyes out
but i will be honest, i bawled like a baby on her last day of kindergarten

grade one just seems so "grown up"...

on the last day of school her teacher gave all the parents a photo cd titled 
"kindergarten 2010-2011"

here are a few of my favourite shots

as you can see zoe had a blast during her year of kindergarten
she has made many friends
has started to read
she can do addition and subtraction
she can tell you about the lifecycle of a butterfly
and she can sing our national anthem!

i am so thankful that she goes to a school where the teachers
really care about their students and make learning fun!
zoe goes to the same school that my sisters and i went to
some of the teachers that taught me and my sisters 
still teach there!

i am looking forward to her starting grade 1 in the fall
and to learning more new and exciting things!

but before that happens
i want her to have a super fantastic summer
full of amazing memories

oh, and to my canadian friends, happy canada day eh!


simplyvonne said...

omgosh i think i will be that parents that will cry my eyes out when Kaylee goes to school..heck in preschool! hahaha

next thing you know it..she's going to be in middle school :D time flies doesnt it!

love all the pix of ur girl!

have a great weekend

Bubbles said...

Wow it feels like only yesterday I was reading about her starting kingergarten with your whole family there to see her off on her first day... time flies by!

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Oh my goodness. Congrats to her!