Friday, August 26, 2011

date night: summer afternoon edition

 a few days ago
we dropped the girls off with their lolo and lola
it was a win-win situation because the girls love spending time
with my mom and dad
and the hubs and i had a free afternoon to ourselves

we decided to hit up a local farmers market

all the fresh local produce was so pretty and colourful
i couldn't resist snapping a few photos

there was even a letterpress booth 
and the owner of the booth was doing a mini letterpress workshop
which was really neat

there were a few food trucks there
vancouver is finally getting in on the food truck trend!
we had just come from brunch so we weren't too hungry
but we spotted these fruit popsicles and couldn't resist
they are made from fresh local fruit and sold out of the back of a bicycle!
it's the ice cream bike revival...super cute!

it's nice to spend a few hours, just the two of us
we can actually have a conversation
and not be interrupted by a little person needing something
or yelling above the commotion that the two of them are making, 
just so we can hear each other

it's nice to not have to play referee
or constantly be on the lookout to make sure they aren't touching 
something they shouldn't be

but after a few hours we decided to head back home to our girls
because of course after a few hours
we missed the giggles and the hugs and kisses
we missed the noise and the commotion
we missed them terribly

ah, parenthood


Becky said...

Look at all those blueberries! Funny, I bought blueberries at Trader Joe's this week and they were from Canada! Guess the blueberry season is pretty much over here in So Cal.

Alexandra said...

I've always wanted to go to a Farmer's Market but back when they had them in my college town it was rare that I would ever be up and ready on a Saturday morning without having something important to do. I love all these pictures though, and those fruit popsicles look YUM!

Tang said...

That sounds like the most perfect date! So sweet.

Elisse said...

Good for you and hubby to make sure you have alone time together as a couple :)

Have a great weekend ahead!

Sonja said...

Aww, sounds like a good day all in all.
love, love, love markets!!!

cArLa said...

i agree, those berries are making me salivate... love the farmer's market, so full of goodness! btw, your previous post about the melon drink and ribs are making me hungry too and it's 2:30am - lol.

Therese said...

Lovely day out but I know what you mean about wanting the familiar noises of your children. I found myself looking for my son who had disappeared to play with his cousins, my brother said 'he's fine, leave him to play' - it was me that wasn't fine, I missed him and his noise!

Alely said...

good times!