Monday, August 29, 2011

weekend snapshots

this past weekend was filled with

another trip to the waterslides!
we managed to sneak in another trip to the waterslides
and this time we bought some friends with us!

back to school shopping
well, it was mainly school supply shopping
i think i was more excited than my girls
i just love school supplies

enjoyed the most delicious caribbean sandwich

 a brunch and succulent shopping date with a dear girlfriend
brunch was at the cutest french bistro
and succulent shopping was at urban garden

an "unbirthday"party
that's right! these two sweet girls celebrated their birthdays a few months early 
because they will be blessed with a new baby sister 
right around their birthdays
so their mommy and daddy thought it would be less hectic
to celebrate now instead of when the newest addition arrives

what was your weekend filled with?


Sarah said...

Wow how fun! You make crayons and notebooks look good haha =) Cute kids!

- Sarah

My Passport to Style said...

What fun they had, kids are great so in the moment, these pictures are really fun! Somtimes mums deserve a treat to, if you want to win a gorgeous pair of gold lace earrings, pop round today. I have an exciting new childrens wear label being interviewed and previewed tomorow on My Passport to Style, that I think you will love too! Sharon xx

Sandy a la Mode said...

ahhh LOVE your green shoes!!

Therese said...

I love your photos, the colours are gorgeous. That looked like a great day out.


Becky said...

we had a beach party then drove to san diego to meet friends who were in town at sea world it was a busy wkend. Think we might hit up the waterpark next wkend!

cArLa said...

you always have such fun weekends! love the photos!!!

Elisse said...

Looks like another fun-filled weekend!

Hopefully we'll get together soon!

Tang said...

I miss back to school shopping! I remember how excited I used to get for new supplies!I had a lazy weekend. :)

Jenn Kirk said...

Mmmm, school supplies have such a nice smell to them. Glad you had a fun weekend with your girls!

beckie said...

i haven't went back to school shopping in ages! i miss picking out mechanical pencils and cute stationary in chinatown. i went back home to spend some time with my parents, it was nice

Marina said...

I love those pictures, like they are from some other time :)

Alexandra said...

That's funny that you say you were more excited than them about school shopping... I was just thinking how much I miss it when I saw that picture of the crayons. What I wouldn't give to have an excuse to buy a new pair of shoes and all sorts of art supplies right now! Haha

Sometimes Life is Bliss And Sometimes Not ! said... Modern Kiddo
put up this thing called a kinder kone I am planning to make one for Norah I think it will be tons of fun.

Alely said...

lots of fun it looks like and of course the food always looks yummy!