Monday, November 14, 2011

weekend snapshots

phew! this past weekend was hectic!

zoe was a flower girl for a special wedding
i was the wedding planner and guest
so i was doing double duty all night

we indulged in some yummy thai food

i don't normally watch fights, but hey it's manny! gotta watch pacman!

had a pumpkin spice latte for the second time this week
unfortunately for my waist line, they are pretty darn good

ate a fresh pomegranate for the first time!
i had to google "how to eat a pomegranate" haha!
it was so delicious

what was your weekend filled with?


( elisse ) said...

You're keeping busy, girl! Zoe looks adorable, and I'm sure that wedding was amazing :)

Pumpkin spice lattes are uber yum - when I drank them, I usually ask for non-fat, without the whip (at least, it kinda made me feel less guilty about the extra sweetness!)

I'm so happy that Pacquiao one! Pinoy pride, baby!

Jean said...

omg! i love pomegranate!!!!

i know. i had 2 weddings to attend and we drove back an hour back home to catch the pacman fight. i love watching boxing, ufc... i grew up watching wrestling w/ my dad :D the bf watches all the other real fights, no wwe. hehe.

Alely said...

hey girl! i had thai this weekend and had the same exact curry! it was deelish!

have a great week!

Jenn Kirk said...

Pomegranate is so yummy and I just discovered the smacking it w/ a spoon trick. Good for the end of a frustrating day, ha!

abby said...

Zoe is just adorable! I can't wait to have a girl one day. Given that I'll have a girl, lol.

Thai food sounds delicious right now, especially Tom Yum. I'm sick so that would definitely hit the spot.

I lucked out watching the fight. I was working til 2 in the morning Sat.

OMG I hate pomegranate for the first time I think sometime last week. Yea seriously it was so different, and it was delicious!

Tang said...

Yum. I love the caramel brule. :))

Paper-Charmed said...

go manny! :)