Wednesday, November 16, 2011

just because

i was at starbucks a few days ago and spotted this tumbler
it was a "doodle it" tumbler, which pretty much means
you could write or draw anything your little heart desires directly on to it

i thought it would be a cute "just because" gift for my hubs
he just started drinking tea and was complaining that he
didn't have anything to put it in when he was on the go

 i brought it home and let the girls go wild

and what's pretty neat is that you could erase it and draw something new whenever you want!
pretty neat eh?
i definitely thought so!


Jennifer Young said...

this is such a sweet tumbler...the perfect gift! lucky husband! ;)

Jodi Ann said...

that is such a cool gift! I might have to get this for my husband too! :)

Sandy a la Mode said...

hehe that is super cute! love that idea! :)

Joanne said...

Great idea for the kids to write msgs for their dad.
Btw - love your new blog header. :)

Alely said...

love the idea and great for the girls to write sweet nothings to their daddy!

Jenn Kirk said...

That is really cool! My kids would draw such crazy things for dad, too!

Tang said...

Really cute! Great gift idea too. :)

Elisse said...

Just because gifts are the best kind! Especially when they are personalized :)

little t said...

Cute present!

gina said...

Oh my, I am in love with this! I miss those cute little drawings SO much! My daughter is in ceramics this year though, so I am getting some goodies brought home! I gotta do a post on all of the things she's bringing home! We are so blessed!