Monday, November 21, 2011

weekend snapshots

this past weekend was filled with

lots and lots of laundry
if there is one household chore that i don't like
it's laundry... but alas it is also one of the chores
that need to be done

switched out my duvet cover to my liberty of london one
i like how it makes our room cheery even on the greyest of days

went out for some malaysian food with my parents

zoe had her first gingerbread cookie of the season

my future brother in law got a custom suit made for the upcoming wedding
my hubs joined in and got a custom dress shirt made too
complete with monogram initials--pretty cool if you ask me

what was your weekend filled with?


Elisse said...

I'm catching up with laundry today - especially with a full weekend of being at work!

The Liberty of London linens are so cute!

Isn't Instagram the best?

Joanne said...

My weekend was unexpectedly busy. The good kind of busy. The weather was beautiful so I didn't want to waste it by staying home and doing chores, which I sometimes do and regret later on. So I hung out w/ friends and drove down to Bellingham for some shopping. I love Target! :)

cham said...

i hate doing the laundry too! so after years of struggling & pretending to like it, husby & i finally agreed that we'll just have to seek professional (?) help. LOL. i just focus on other household tasks. that way, everybody's happy :)

Alely said...

we had a pretty full weekend too! i have to say the highlight of the weekend was eating out together on a friday night which is a rarity these days because of work schedules and the kids going out with their friends.

Sarah Joy said...

How fun!
Weddings + holidays make for fun times. :)

My weekend was pretty busy & intense.

gina said...

LOVE LIBERTY!!! We had it at our Target stores last year and I went NUTS! Hahahaa

My weekend was filled with movie watching, resting, and a family get together to look at all our pics from Greece!

Thank you for sharing!

Ellyn said...

I was buried in laundry all weekend, too. I'm still buried in it!

little t said...

Aaaah, ginger bread men!

Jennifer Young said...

what a fun weekend jozen. now i am craving malaysian food! ah!

what are your favorite places?