Friday, January 6, 2012

the best $2.99 i have ever spent

 we were at ikea yesterday scoping out shelves for zoe's bedroom
ok, i was also in the mood for some meatballs--don't judge me!
 when i happened to spy this finger puppet theatre
on sale for a mere $2.99!

when i grabbed it and threw it in the cart, hubs gave me an eye roll
whatever! i just knew that zoe and pia would love it!

so after lunch, i pulled it out
(zoe didn't have school today)
and the girls immediately put on a finger puppet show for me!

they acted out at least four different plays
and were entertained for a good portion of the afternoon

best $2.99 i have ever spent!

oh and in case you were wondering
yes, zoe and pia are sporting princess costumes and bed head
they dressed themselves and i was too lazy to do their hair
it was just one of those days!


Sarah said...

I TOTALLY saw this at Ikea today, but I ended up buying the $5 abacus instead. How fun for your girls.

- Sarah

Paper-Charmed said...

ooh heading to ikea today!

little t said...

Ha ha, great! I desperately need a trip to IKEA soon.

Mixie Studio said...

Awesome post!! They remind me of me and my sister when we were little! Great find and cute pics ;) Love those kinda days.

cArLa said...

cute!!! the fun you had is priceless!

flora said...

looks like so much fun! my girls are the same way with the costumes. If they could wear PJs or costumes all day, they would be happy!

Alely said...

Love the meatballs at Ikea. That's actually the highlight of our Ikea trips! Even in princess dresses and bed head the girls are cute as a button and the 2.99 was well spent!

Sarah Joy said...

These photos are so cute!
I bought this little set! I just love how cute it is!

As always, your girls are just precious & I'm glad they took a big liking to your awesome find. :)

Jzabela said...

princess dresses and bed head is what its all about over here! LOL great post :)

ginanorma said...

hehe CUTE! that is the best three bucks you have ever spent, I can see why! doesn't take much to make kids happy as far as material things go, I have learned the cheaper the better and for some reason they seem to like those simple cheap things better!
it's those special finds that they cling to!

Eleni said...

Looks like it was a big hit!

Jenn Kirk said...

I love those meatballs. Just please, no one tell me what is in them.

Elisse said...

Are the girls still enjoying the finger puppet stage? Great find, btw!