Monday, January 9, 2012

weekend snapshots

this past weekend was filled with

the girls have never seen mary poppins before
and it was on tv saturday afternoon so we had an impromptu movie afternoon!

the girls and i have been addicted to making smoothies!
super easy and super delicious and all those berries we picked in the
summer are slowly dwindling down!
if you have any great smoothie recipes, please send them my way

had lunch with my parents
and discovered a new favorite--spicy tofu udon

made some broccoli and cheese soup

love letters
zoe loves to leave me little love letters that she has drawn
it's so cute because she can spell words and string together simple sentences

what was your weekend filled with?


megan lane said...

that drawing is so precious!! sounds like such a cozy weekend :)

Jean said...

i love when my nieces & nephews leave me/us notes/drawings. they're so cute and i am so amazed at how well they do! <3

Paper-Charmed said...

sounds like a great weekend! my husband, daughter and i had a lazy weekend - watched toy story 3 on netflix instead of putting down the christmas decor hehehe.

Alely said...

girl you eat the best foods! spicy tofu udon sounds like the bomb!

Jenn Kirk said...

Goodness, your posts always make me hungry! Doesn't help that I'm already constantly starving because of BFing, haha. I'm addicted to smoothies right now too. My favorite is peach/cherry/orange/banana. I throw in spinach to be healthy and all, but it makes it look disgusting.

Sandy a la Mode said...

mmm that spicy tofu udon looks uber good!!

Becky said...

cute bowls, are those the ones from West Elm? Been wanting to go down to Little Tokyo and buy some pretty bowls lately...

Elisse said...

Zoe writes the most precious love letters :) And what did they think of Mary Poppins?