Wednesday, July 27, 2011

pia's me day

 ever since zoe had her "me day"
pia has been busy planning for hers
she knew exactly what she wanted to do
she wanted to go berry picking (this was a last minute addition)
have a hotdog picnic at the park
(the hotdogs had to be purchased from costco--
the food stand, not the store)
go to the playground 
and a trip to the ice cream shop

i tell yah, this little girl knows what she wants!

for breakfast she asked for toast with nutella

and after breakfast we made our way to the berry farm for some berry picking
and boy did we come at a perfect time!
the raspberries were plump, ripe and oh so delicious!

after our very fruitful adventure at the berry farm
we headed to the park for a hotdog picnic
(but first we stopped off at costco to purchase the hotdogs)
we found a nice grassy spot and settled in for a picnic

after filling our tummies with yummy hotdogs and fruit
the girls had some playground time

 the last item on her "me day" itinerary was a visit to the ice cream shop
but the little girl was so pooped that she fell asleep on the way to the ice cream shop
she didn't even get her ice cream wish

when we pulled her out of her car seat and she realized we were already home
and that we hadn't stopped for ice cream
she started crying and saying 
"my day isn't over, i haven't had ice cream!"

i would have felt sorry for her, but it was more funny to me than sad... ha ha!
i couldn't believe that she remembered even after her nap!

but we promised her that we would take her another day and then she was back to being happy

can you believe that she is already busy preparing for her next special "me day"?!


Lillian (Unstitched.) said...

How ADORABLE!!! :) Pia is such a gorgeous girl (looks just like her mommy ;). And it's so cute, seeing just how joyful she was all day...and I love that the photos end with a photo of her falling asleep in the backseat ;) SO CUTE!!

Liesl said...

How adorable and what beautiful pictures! Love the idea of a me day for your little girl!

Liesl :)

Paige Elyse said...

Ah, this is more than precious words can say. Your relationship with your daughters is inspiring. :) I can only hope my future children and I share this. Love your blog!

Joanne | Life's Fascinations said...

What an awesome idea to have a Me day for your kids!! Treasured memories.

Those berries look so good. Where'd you get them?

Mrsink said...

That is completely adorable!! I love her "me day" haha! It sounds like something I would want for my "me day". I love the looks like you all had a great time.

Alexandra said...

I love this idea. And they have grown so much since Pia's last me day! What a bunch of adorable little ladies you have on your hands.

Nani said...

I seriously love this idea. I want to do something similar when we have another baby and Sae is older. I also love these sweet pictures gah berry picking sounds so awesome right now.


How sweet! Looks like the perfect Me Day. I love how she wanted Nutella with toast for breakfast. Is there a better way to start the day? :)

simplyvonne said...

what a fun way to spend time with each other..picking berries! i love nutella with strawberries! you should try's so delish!!!!

cArLa said...

they are so lucky to have a mommy like you! we are starting to do the same with dom... it's so important for him and for solana one day too! btw, dom's favorite breakfast is "chocolate bread" - aka. nutella on toast! :)

Punctuation Mark said...

the kids are absolutely adorable... cannot think of a better thing to do than berry picking!

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Oh my gosh how fun! I just want to dig into those buckets of raspberries, yummy!

Tintwo said...

That is so super cute!! And great shots of the girls!

Becky said...

cute, great pictures! Your girls look like mine wearing their "work boots" out in the field (it's always so muddy out there). Love the pic of her passed out in the car.

Paper-Charmed said...

What cute kids you have :). Such nice and sweet moments!