Wednesday, January 4, 2012

dear me

i don't make new years resolutions
is that weird?
i once read somewhere that new years resolutions
are broken within 6 weeks of being made

i didn't want to be a statistic, so i just never made resolutions

but this year, i thought i would write a letter to myself
filled with goals and aspirations for the year 2012
because goals and aspirations can't be broken right? right!

so here goes... 

dear me,

please learn to chill. if the house is a mess, it's ok... take a deep breath. a messy house never killed anyone. be more patient with the girls. remember they are only 6 and 4. they will not be little forever. they like to ask lots of questions... one day these questions will stop and you will yearn for the day when they asked you questions around the clock. say thank you more! say thank you to your wonderful husband who works hard at a job that is not easy but still comes home with a smile on his face. say thank you to your wonderful parents who bend over backwards to help you every day. say thank you to your awesome sisters who love your kids just as much as you do. take care of yourself! taking time for yourself does not make you selfish. be more grateful! you are blessed with so many wonderful blessings, do not take any of your blessings for granted. 

oh, one last thing, you are going to run a half marathon this year. yup, you read that right, you are going to run a half marathon this year.



Jean said...

that's so true. just because people make time to themselves, it does not mean whatsoever that they are selfish. i think we all need more of that, really. it's so cute how one of my co-worker and her husband take turns to watch their baby so they each can have their "alone" time.

i'm not big on making "new years resolutions" either. i just go w/ the flow.

love this post!

Jean said...

Jozen, for the bubble tea pearls... i went to my local oriental market. i was pretty surprised, but happy they had it considering i'm in the suburbs. check your local oriental market. i just boiled them as said on the package. they market also had the big straws. hopefully they do have it in your area :)

trishie said...

Happy new year, Jozen!
I love your aspirations for the year. I want to appreciate my loved ones this year too. I might skip the marathon though. haha!

Elisse said...

I like this letter to yourself! A perfect way to kick off the new year! And by no means does self-care mean being selfish! Looks like 2012 has a lot in store for you and the way you are appreciating Life!

Maria Olivia said...

I totally agree with your post! :))

Alely said...

love the letter and all the little things that mean so much!

it's a goal of mine to run a half marathon this year too! i just don't know if i can (mentally that is) but you've just given me motivation! do you have one in mind and what month? my first choice would be to run the San Francisco half marathon at the end of July. I just think it would be so cool to complete this huge goal in the city where I was from since we're normally there during the summer OR the Wrightsville Beach half here in NC on March 18 but i think that would be to soon and I would need to start training now so that may be too late. Anyhoo, that is a great goal Jozen and I know you can do it and with both of your sisters that can help encourage and motivate you that's icing on the cake right there!

Paper-Charmed said...

my daugther talks non-stop on our way to my mom's, where she stays during the day while i work, and back home - a 30 minute drive each way. but i just love it and wouldn't have it any other way because like you said, one day when the kids are older we will yearn for it.

great letter! happy new year!

rebecca said...

haha. I don't make resolutions either. more like everyone should right? love your letter.

cArLa said...

that`s a great letter! we often forget the things that matter the most. i will be here cheering for you when you run your half-marathon!!!

Sarah Joy said...

Umm, I love this so much!
I haven't had a chance to write down resolutions this year, but this sounds like the way to go for me!

I'm definitely doing this!
Thanks for the inspiration Jozen! :)

simplyvonne said...

love love the letter to yourself! and wow a marathon really?? that's so awesome, i would like to run half marathon next year since i dont think im ready this year just yet. Been trying to run about 5M a week so we'll see :D Good luck my dear, you can do it!

ginanorma said...

i loved this that you wrote yourself a letter, loooooooooooove it, it was humble and vulnerable,

annnddddddddd i don't like new years resolutions either. i knew i liked you.

ron said...

thanks for keeping on inspiring a lot of girls like me jozen...:)