Wednesday, January 11, 2012

DIY: craft kit

when i first spotted this sewing/craft kit at anthropologie
i thought it was super cute but something i could easily recreate
(and for half the price!)

you will need:
a mason jar
a piece of fabric cut into a square approximately 8X8 inches
happy tape 
crafting goodies
(mine included these items but you can use whatever you want)
measuring tape
some sewing pins
vintage buttons
pretty fabric tape

i put all the craft goodies into the mason jar
placed the square fabric on top and secured with the lid
tied some twine around the lid
added a key to make it extra pretty

and tada! 
your very own anthro-esque craft kit!

super duper easy to make and so easy to personalize
make a baking themed one for the baker in your life
or one filled with yarn and knitting notions for the knitter you know
or one filled with beauty products for the beauty product junkie in your life

makes a sweet thank you gift or hostess gift too!


Alely said...

that is very cute! thanks for sharing the DIY!

carissa at lowercase letters said...

gasp! if this isn't the cutest thing evah, what is?!!!

Sarah said...

This is so cute!!!! What a great way to give a gift. Or even party favors!

- Sarah

abby said...

This is an awesome gift. I'd love to give these away to my crafting friends.

megan lane said...

what a great gift idea! love it.

dyna said...

here's another version that's real simple to do also. gave these away at Christmas a few years ago...

Sandy a la Mode said...

omg how adorable is this!? love it!!

Paper-Charmed said...

cuteness! good idea!

Ellyn said...

I love love love this!!

Tang said...

Super cute. I think this will be a future gift! I love cute jars.

Rubyellen said...

so cute!!! i love that you were inspired by the anthro one! great interpretation!!! xoxo

ginanorma said...

cool, so it's like a sewing goodie bag?! Such a neat neat idea, love it! I have a lot of people I could give that too!

Sarah Joy said...

Great diy Jozen!

Jenn Kirk said...

Super cute! And lucky person that gets to receive it!

Elisse said...

Great idea, and very doable! Looks like it doesn't take much time, and think of all the money saved from making this kit yourself!

cArLa said...

i already used some of the items in my kit. i absolutely love it! thank you xoxo