Monday, January 30, 2012

weekend snapshots: l+j tie the knot!

this past weekend was filled with
photobooth fun
a rare photo of hubs and me
vintage inspired decor
sister photo ops
lots of love!
all because our good friends tied the knot
it was double duty for me: wedding coordinator/guest
i don't know what it is about weddings
the speeches, yummy food, the beautiful bride
but i never ever get tired of weddings

what was your weekend filled with?


Sarah Joy said...

What a sweet weekend & beautiful wedding! & you and your sisters are gorgeous!

Paper-Charmed said...

what a cute cake topper!

i super love weddings, too!

Sometimes Life is Bliss And Sometimes Not ! said...

I miss u I have been super busy !

Jenn Kirk said...

You have such a fun job! Weddings are so happy.

d'vyne @ d'vyne confections said...

Jozen!!! Thanks for the plug! You're the bomb diggity! :) Your blog is so inspiring! I need to be as active as you if I really want to get d'vyne confections up and running!

d'vyne @ d'vyne confections said...

Oh and I love love love your girls! They're super cute!