Friday, January 27, 2012


 thank goodness it's friday!
where has this week gone ?
last night, i was just thinking to myself: i have to prep wednesday's blog post
 but it's not wednesday it's friday

some random happenings over the past week:

zoe has been learning about penguins in school and will randomly spout off penguin facts
it's super cute and it shows what an amazing job her teacher(s) are doing

i am really into polka dots as of late,
it pretty much started because of this lovely dress
and has just gotten out of control

i purchased zoe and pia's flower girls dresses from here
they are having an amazing sale
their sale stuff is on sale
so i got zoe and pia's dresses for like 75% off
i just love when that happens!

zoe eats super super slow
i have to learn to be more patient with her especially in the mornings

now i'm off to do some laundry and prep for a wedding i have tomorrow

happy friday everyone!


Alely said...

polka dots are just everywhere these days! i just bought a black blouse with white polka dots for work on clearance at marshalls for 10 bucks. i couldn't resist!

enjoy the weekend!

becca said...

oh my goodness, those chubby cheeks!

ginanorma said...

as usual, cant' take their cuteness!!!