Monday, January 23, 2012

weekend snapshots

this past weekend was filled with

a flat tire! i have no idea how to change a flat
so i had to call my husband
(who had just got home from a night shift and probably only slept for two hours)
and he came to my rescue
next on my to do list: learn how to change a flat tire!

lots of snow!
which resulted in a snow day which meant zoe got a day off from school
the girls played and played in the snow for hours!

pink cheeks and hot chocolate
after spending hours playing in the snow
the girls warmed up with some hot chocolate and laughed at their pink cheeks
exclaiming, "it's like we are wearing makeup!"

bought my first pair of swedish hasbeens
at 50% off too! (whoop whoop!)

made some brussel sprouts and pia really, really likes them!

lunch at our favorite sushi joint

what was your weekend filled with?


Sandy a la Mode said...

SUSHI!!! i can't wait to have some... RAW ones!!!!

Jean said...

yum. so many ppl eating sushi. i want some!

it's snowing here too!

KristiMcMurry said...

snow and hot chocolate!!! I'm so jealous. Ok...please tell me how you cook brussels sprouts. Mine turned out DISGUSTING, but so many people say they are tasty. Do you roast yours?

ginanorma said...

want those clogs. now.

always love seeing these weekend snapshots, you know that!

flora said...

Yes, please do share your brussel sprout recipe! I'd love to know too!

Alely said...

you know i still don't know how to change a flat tire! i know i should probably learn too. yay for snow day and glad that pia like brussel sprouts!

Becky said...

I've totally had my eye on a pair of hasbeens for awhile now -- Loved their red sandal last season, may breakdown and buy some in the spring. Looks chilly up there!

Kayla said...

Know anyone who needs to up their game with a new computer? We've been hit with some hard times in these parts and and selling our Macbook Air for a little help. Price is negotiable. Please spread the word if you feel so inclined! Thanks.

Brandi {not your average ordinary} said...

Snow, hot chocolate and sushi? Looks like I need to come for another visit! I'm catching up right now, but I'm so glad you had a lovely time last weekend. I was having some fun in Salt Lake City then -- there was even some snow there!