Friday, January 20, 2012

my zoe and pia say the darndest things

 it's been really, really cold 'round these parts lately, one afternoon pia says:
"it's so cold, i need to knit a cozy sweater"

halfway through the race that zoe and pia participated in last weekend
pia stopped dead and in her tracks and started wailing
after i coaxed her into finishing and after she received her medal
i asked her "why did you stop halfway and start crying?"
pia replies: "atat (that is what she calls zoe)
passed me!!!!"

on the way to school one day we see a poodle 
zoe: "mom, did some nice french people
drop some poodles off in canada for us to enjoy?"

over breakfast one morning
zoe: "mom, can you please wait for me to get home 
from school before you fold the laundry?"
me: "sure!"
zoe: "yay! thanks mom, i love folding laundry!"

zoe and pia
"winner, winner, 
chicken dinner!"


Joanne said...

LOL! Your girls are soooooooooo adorable. I know I've probably left comments about them saying that already but they really are! They're so kayoooote! Doesn't it make you want them to stay that age forever? :)

Happy Friday!!

Tang said...

Hehe. Adorable!

Jean said...

you can tell zoe she can fold my laundry. :D

kids do say the most funny things! they pick up on everything you say and do... they are wayyyy toooo smart than the average people think. love kids <3

one of my preschoolers told me i made her heart cry because i told her not to peel other kid's artwork off the wall... i just smiled and gave her a hug. it was too cute!

Alely said...

love that zoe and pia! i hope you make this a weekly post because its too darn cute!

ellyn said...

These two. So cute! And guess what? Rey taught Ella how to say "winner winner chicken dinner!" :)

ginanorma said...

She DID NOT say she needed to knit a sweater???!!! Jozen, I can not take it!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my goodness, you should keep a book of the things they say!!! And then have it published, you make me smile!

Eleni said...

Nice work on the laundry! Maybe you could get her to like some other chores as well?