Wednesday, January 18, 2012

old man winter

old man winter decided to pay my little corner of the world a visit
now, you are probably thinking "doesn't she live in canada?!"
doesn't it snow in canada all the time?
don't canadians live in igloos?
have beavers for pets?
cross country ski to and from work?
and say "eh" and "sorry" all the time?

and the answer is no, no, no, no and yes

i live on the west coast of canada
where our winters are relatively mild
when we hosted the 2010 winter olympics
we had to make snow
yup! we made snow to add to some of our local mountains

so much to the amusement of the east coast canadians
(the east coast of canada is an entirely different beast, weather wise)
when it snows here
our city is handicapped

holy moly!
the city shuts down
snow days
road closures
accidents, accidents and more accidents
people on the road go balistic

now i must say, i don't mind the snow
unless i am driving in it that is
(i am one of those nutso drivers only going 5km an hour)
but it sure does make everything super pretty!

do you get a lot of snow where you live?


Erin {pughs' news} said...

It's crazy, isn't it? We had such a fun snow day today! And I refused to drive anywhere in it. Fingers crossed that the schools are closed tomorrow too...

PS: I think we had more snow in Victoria. Come check out my photos!

ginanorma said...

Oh man it's COLD here girl, like below zero now! We haven't had much snow, but we have some coming this weekend! Those little cutie girls of yours, it's just like them to be out there with their little shovels, my heart can't take it! xo

Sini said...

I looove winter and snow, that's one thing I miss about Finland. I used to do a lot of yraditional skiing at school and free time,so I actually went toschool with skis :p

Now here in southern France, hardly ever cold enough to wear a beanie(I love beanies) and once in few years the miracle of snow messes up the whole city;)

I would love to visit Canada in wintertime.

ellyn said...

I grew up in Maryland, near D.C., with tons of snow storms during the winter. Now that I'm in Cali, not so much. :) I miss those blistery days and snowy holidays. I miss seasons, period!

Eleni said...

There's nothing nuts about driving slowly in the snow! Thankfully I have never had to drive in the snow, but as a relatively new driver I must admit I would be very, very nervous! I grew up on the south coast of England, where it never snows, then when I lived in London we only had one bad snow in eight years, but in the two years since I moved to Bath it's snowed both winters! We haven't had any yet this winter but it's not too late I suppose. It's not much fun walking to work in the snow, but it's a lot more fun at weekends when you can go out and play for a while, then go back home to change clothes and warm up!

simplyvonne said...

Canada is definitely on my list to visit one day. I am jealous of all your snow! We barely have any snow here in Virginia!!!

Koru Kate {Koru Wedding} said...

I love winter & snow but we're still waiting for our first big snowstorm of 2012! I adore staying home & being cozy while the pretty snow falls outside.

Sandy a la Mode said...

we usually do get snow but it's been unseasonably warm so far!! i'm not complaining~

Jacki said...

I love your blog! Found it through Alely (ohsweetleeme).

Alely said...

that's exactly how it is here in Charlotte! everyone just goes crazy when the forecast calls for snow. in the past 5 years we've lived here it's snowed at least once every winter season and lasts for at least a day to 3 at the most. i'm glad because that's about how long the fun lasts.

Becky said...

ha, funny post.

So, you don't live in igloos?!