Wednesday, February 8, 2012

girly goodness

 i will be the first to admit that i am a "girly girl"
i love clothes and shoes and bags
i love looking at clothes and shoes and bags
i love shopping for clothes and shoes and bags
(maybe a little too much!)

and what happens when a girly girl has daughters?!?!
well, oh me oh my!
the clothes and shoes just get smaller and cuter!

here are my girls
who thankfully don't mind having a mama that loves to dress them up!

when they were babies
 i dressed them any which way i wanted
now that they are growing up
 they are starting to have a say in what they want to wear

pia loves blue and loves to dress in blue clothes

zoe loves pink, sparkles and anything "fancy"

they both pretty much live in dresses and skirts
neither of them like pants or jeans
claiming that it's "tight on their bellies"

which i don't mind at all
because let's face it, skirts and dresses are way cuter than pants and jeans!

i really have to control myself and not buy them every cute thing i see
but it sure is hard! ha ha

are you a girly girl?
what's your weakness? shoes, bags? or both?!?!


simplyvonne said...

they are sooo cute!!! and love their cute lil style too! I am a bit excited when Kaylee can walk around so I can dress her up..right now it's all about the onesies haha

Sometimes Life is Bliss And Sometimes Not ! said...

all of the above and I love their shoes :) omg so so cute :)

Becky said...

cute girls. I don't know if I would categorize myself as girly girl, but I am way more open to frills than I was 15 years ago when I wore a black uniform.

Mo only wears dresses, kt only pants right now. i have a penchant for shoes and pretty blouses.

Ellyn said...

Jozen, you must have another girl. Must. ;)
I have a pretty ridiculous collection of vintage dresses for my girl. And i have a hard time saying no to cute things!

Sandy a la Mode said...

this makes me want a girl soo badly!!!! but alas, i must wait... a newborn is tough enough.. i can't deal with another just yet!!

ginanorma said...

I am a massive girly girl! I love make-up, clothes, and jewelry!!! Vintage purses too!

I love their outfits!!!!

Jean said...

i'm becoming more girly girl... and i kind of like it, but not fond of the shopping part :/

megan lane said...

i am definitely quick to admit that i'm a mega girly girl. like you, i love shopping a bit too much!! i hope to have a little girl to dress one day.. yours looks absolutely lovely in their pretty smocks.

Mixie Studio said...

I LOVE this post!! Their outfits are adorable! Yup, I'm a sucker for buying every cute girly thing I see, too. ;)

JanM ♥ said...

My boyfriend and I had a convo about having a baby boy first. But after seeing this, I think I want a girl... Here's to another round of future baby convo. Haha :)

Alely said...

clothes and bags most definitely for me! thankfully, now that the girls are older we can share clothes, shoes and bags with each other!

Sarah Joy said...

They are just adorable!
Great style mama & girls! :)

Tang said...

I think I'll go crazy with cute clothes if I ever have a little girl! These little purses are so cute!

Jenn Kirk said...

Let me just say that you do "girly girly" in such a good way! Vintage, cute, yucky frilly stuff. Or feathery stuff. The things I've received from people, OMG. Are those Giddy Giddy bags? They're adorable.

Paper-Charmed said...

super adorable!

Em said...

You have lovely girls :)