Monday, February 20, 2012

weekend snapshots

why, hello everyone! yes, i am still around and kicking!
my beloved macbook died on me so i haven't been able to blog
i'm most upset about the fact that i didn't back up the photos stored on there
a hard lesson learned on my part!
but regular posting will be back this week...promise!

the past weekend was quite busy!

finally got a chance to try meat and bread
hubs got the bacon maple ice cream sandwich
wish i had ordered myself one! it was scrumptious!

spotted these at the dollar store and had to buy them!
loved these when i was a kido!

worked another lovely wedding over the weekend
(full post to come later!)

the lovely love day gift my hubs got for me
beeped at me asking "want to get out there?"
i pressed "ok"... how can i not?

made some panko breaded chicken

made some chicken tinola-- filipino comfort food
chicken, papaya,spinach, ginger and garlic stew

what was your weekend filled with?


Sarah said...

Oh my goodness the wedding topper is so cute!!! So sad about your pictures =(

- Sarah

City Life to Ranching Wife said...

um. that sandwich looks delish!! Yummy! Cute love day Nike watch.

Rubyellen said...

breaded chicken looks mighty good!

KristiMcMurry said...

What a bummer about your computer! I am so paranoid about that happening to me. Also, the watch! How are you liking it?! I've been considering that one, but would be interested to hear how you like it :)

Alely said...

i have been thinking about making tinola for weeks now. this post just reminded me. looks so yummy!

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

filipino food - yum! and the little bride and groom are adorable. :)

christine said...

Jozen, Love your blog post! Chicken tinola is one of my faves - gotta ask my Ma to make it for me because it's so much better when she makes it compared to when I make it! LOL

Sarah said...

Oh, and btw I tagged you on my blog today =)

- Sarah

Sandy a la Mode said...

weddings and amazing food, yum!

simplyvonne said...

Oh no I hope everything is ok with your mac! I just bough a 2TB to store up all my photos and videos, I take way too many and it was eating up my imac storage :D see you in instagam world! hhehe

Becky said...

that wedding looks very interesting, the cake topper has piqued my interest!

Anna is Bambi said...

Your blog is so lovely and stylish! I really really like it and I'm following you now ! ;) <3