Monday, March 5, 2012

my pia

photo taken by pia (age 4)

my pia gabrielle is quite the character
she is an instagram hacker--
often hacking into my instagram and taking photos of herself and posting them
her favorite color is still blue
keeps all her "treasures" close by
and has requested that we enroll her in karate

one evening while tucking her into bed she tells us
"i want to be a parent..."
me: "why?"
pia: "because i want to stay up late and only parents stay up late..."
"what do you do after i go to bed?"
"watch lots of movies and have fun?"

blogging has been almost nonexistent lately (sorry!)
i am still getting use to the fact that my beloved macbook has died
and to be honest, things around here have been hectic!
i really need to set aside some time to blog because i really do enjoy it
(how do you all balance life, family and blogging?)

of course, you can also find me here and here too!
these i can update from my phone so it's easier to update regularly

happy monday folks! i am hoping for a little sunshine and downtime for the week

what's your hopes for the week?


Jean said...

late at night when the bf is sleeping i blog or when he's preoccupied. however, if we had children, that would be a different story i am sure.

Eleni said...

It's nice to have you back! I am an obsessive computer backer-upper following a similar incident last year!

Jenn Kirk said...

I love Pia's posts! You should just hire her as your intern already!

Sandy a la Mode said...

she is precious!! and don't worry about the blogging, it's a hard balance sometime... and now i know how utterly hard it is w/ kids too!!

ginanorma said...

I have missed you so!

that is absolutely hilarious that she takes some of the instagrams pics!!! I would have never guessed Jozen, hahahahahahahaaaaaaaaa well tell her she takes GREAT pics, and she's adorable! :0

Sorry life has been so crazy hectic for you, I hope you find the balance you are looking for hon.

Alely said...

totally hear you on the balance thing....i would love to blog more than i do and i'm so behind on blogging familly milestones just because i can't seem to fit it in. i'm even finding it hard to squeeze in instagramming these days to the point i got totally behind in the photoaday project that i've stopped doing it. You'd think that because my kids are much older that i have more time. : ).

Sini said...

She is such a cutie! I hope this weekend is full of sunshine :)

I did tag you on my blog,some questions are waiting for you!

Becky said...

What your macbook died!? Bummer. I don't know what I would do if that happened to me!

Pia is such a doll...