Monday, June 18, 2012

dad, not all superheroes wear capes

husband always says that he is a real life superhero
since he catches bad guys for a living

technically that's true... so when 
i saw this mug, i thought it was the perfect dad's day gift

of course you can't celebrate dad's day without some kid made art

if you know husband, his all time favorite food, hands down, is sushi
so, sushi for lunch it was!

half way through lunch i looked across the table
and could hear pia whispering " i love you daddy..."

and we wrapped up daddy day 2012 
with zoe's annual ballet recital

we don't tell you enough
but thank you for all that you do for us
the girls and i are so lucky to have you 
you really are our real life superhero

 your girls


Jean said...

awwwwww. to see her whispher to her daddy! too sweeeeeet!

love sushi!

love the hand prints, too!

Sandy a la Mode said...

awwwww that mug is soo cool! and love the little presents your girls made!!

Lauren said...

That mug is AWESOME. I think our husbands would get along...we HAD to have sushi, too!! Adorable pics of the girls, as always!

Alely said...

that mug is perfect and it looked like a perfect father's day!