Friday, June 15, 2012

better late than never!

ok, better late than never right?
yes, i do realize that easter was back in april... which was two months ago!
but this mama has been crazy hectic busy and time is just
flying by at warp speed that easter feels like it was just two weeks ago
(probably just me)
anyhoo, my motto is better late than never right? right!

we always make sure we are dressed in our sunday best
the girls love dressing up almost as much as i love dressing them
(mothers of daughters... i know)

we joined in a community egg hunt this year which was held in fort langley
the girls had a lot of fun (as usual)
and ate way too much chocolate (as usual)

but back to june already--i can't believe it's mid june already!
we have some father's day crafting we have to get started on 
and zoe's annual ballet recital is this weekend

it will be hectic but fun! 
have a lovely weekend friends


Jean said...

love your outfits! so colorful and FUN!

i know, isn't that crazy --mid june already!!!!!!!!!!

Paper-Charmed said...

You guys look super cute. I love the girls' outfit. Yes, better late than never!

megan lane said...

cute pictures! you are all adorable. love your outfit, you look great!

Lauren said...

LOVE their outfits! And you look gorgeous as always, too! Cute photos :)

cham said...

Awww... You girls are adorable. I love your girls' matching shoes! :)

Elisse said...

Easter may have come and gone, but I'm glad you posted these pics! Happy weekend!

Tang said...

I love your outfit and make-up! It's so cheery and bright. I think I need some red lips now.

Therese said...

Hi Jozen,
lovely photos as usual.
Same here with time disappearing but feel everything is calming down and can blog again.
Will keep looking in, loving the clothes!!!