Friday, June 1, 2012

our very own little library

my girls love to read
they love the library and they love books
which i am simply over the moon about

the only problem is
finding a way to keep their many, many books in one place
neatly organized and easily accessible 

to me, books are works of art
especially children's books
so why not display them like works or art?

and that's how our little reading nook was born
zoe and pia call it "our very own little library"

with technology rapidly evolving and changing at warp speed
and with the introduction of ereaders and reading books on the ipad or your smart phone
people are saying there is a chance that books
actual books with pages you can turn--might become obsolete

i really do hope that doesn't happen
a machine in your hand can never replace the feel 
of excitedly starting a new book and quickly turning the pages
in anticipation

i guess i'm just an old fashioned nerd


JanM ♥ said...

That's a really cute set up! :)

I'm having a giveaway on my blog if you're interested!

JanM ♥ said...

That's a really cute set up! :)

I'm having a giveaway on my blog if you're interested!

simplyvonne said...

love your little library corner, I love holding a book and turning the pages. Unfortunately i have been reading from ibook just because it's easier then turning on the lights while baby sleeping.

helen said...

jozen, this is adorable! i really hope actual books are here to stay, too!

Strawberries and Buttercups said...

I love that little library, its something I want to have after all I've seen on pinterest.

For myself I prefer an e-reader now as I've got a sore wrist so books get uncomfortable to hold. For children though I would love actual books and have a huge selection already, it would be a shame to see an end to them. Like you said also they are like pieces of art work and the colourful illustrations and interaction of books won't be there (lift the flap, touch and feel etc...)

Joanne said...

What a cute library!
I own a kindle and I do love it but there are times I do miss the feel of an actual book. I really hope actual books don't become obsolete.

Jzabela said...

my girls adore reading, thanks for the awesome idea! we definitely want a reading area in their rooms! :)

Jean said...


I agree w/ technology... As much as I love blogging & catching up w/ friends on facebook... I could go w/o it for a week. I really do.

I am an open book person. I don't own a fancy cell phone, no ipad, no kindle... I could not give up books. And I would one day love a little library of my own.. I mean, we have an office, but not a shelf for our books, YET!!!

Love the way you displayed the books!!!

Melanie said...

No way, books are here to stay! I have a Kindle, but actually only use it for the books I don't want to buy and keep. The ones that aren't worthy of space on the bookshelf. And the classics that I already own in book form and have read so many times it doesn't matter where I pick it back up from. Otherwise, it's a real book for me! :)

cham said...

Same feeling here... I have a Kindle but I still prefer "real" books. Nothing beats the new "feel" of starting another book, with a totally different size, texture, color, and smell as the previous book and even with the next you'll read! :)

Elisse said...

This is such a beautiful display, Jozen! It's inviting and would make me want to pick up a book and snuggle down for a story! I don't think it's old fashioned at all - but I lost "art".

Georgia said...

I love the bunting it is so sweet! Did you make it yourself?

Alely said...

very cute jozen, pia, and zoe!

ron said...

me too jozen. i like reading books the old-fashioned way.
You're blessed that your two lovely girls are fond of books. Hope that they'll stay like that even when they get older.<3

Becky said...

I like! The Belly Button book is a favorite in our house too! Bee Bo!!!

Daisy said...

This is super adorable! Love the room :)

Denise said...

your library is LOVELY. i have considered adding shelves (or rain gutters) in the hallway wall for a library??