Monday, August 20, 2012

rainbows and unicorns

my baby sister and her fiance are tying the knot soon
to celebrate the big day a group of us got together
and ran the most colorful, happiest and raddest
5K race ever.... color me rad!

here is the beautiful bride to be and the handsome groom to be

and here is team "jikko"--combo name of the bride and groom hee hee

we all started off as white and clean as freshly fallen snow
but with each kilometer we completed we were
all color bombed with clouds of colored powder
while people shouted "rainbows and unicorns!"

and by the end of the race we all looked like a bag of skittles

it was seriously the silliest, wackiest, giddiest race i have ever done
and it was such a perfect and happy way to start 
off the wedding celebration!

yay team jikko!


Sandy a la Mode said...

i need to get in on this race one year!! they have it in our city too!! looks like it was soo much fun!!

Sandy a la Mode

GingerBabyMama said...

That race looks like so much fun!!
I see your sister at boot camp in the mornings, she's a rock star!

Alely said...

gahhh! it looks like so much fun! we are registered to do the color run in november. i can't wait!