Monday, August 27, 2012

zoe is 7!

my zoe turned the big 7 a few weeks ago! 
and if there is one thing that my zoe loves, it's dolls
so for her birthday party, it was only fitting that she have a 
dollhouse theme party!

we had a mini buffet 
complete with mini donuts, mini burgers, mini cupcakes
mini hotdogs and mini cookies

after lunch i had a special surprise for the girls
i showed them a little wooden doll i had painted
and then gave them each their own doll and set out some paints
 they all got quiet and serious and went to work on their dolls right away

tada! all little works of art!
but of course a doll needs a place to live right?

husband got his "martha" on the week before
and handmade six cardboard dollhouses for each of the girls
they shrieked with excitement and busied themselves right away

each girl beamed with pride with their completed
 doll and dollhouse

especially my seven year old!
(still can't believe i have a seven year old!)

they immediately developed a neighborhood
drew a community pool with some sidewalk chalk, 
built fences with rocks and collected flowers for the gardens

i'm pretty sure i overheard pia discussing plans for a block party

isn't it amazing what a little wooden doll, some paint
 a few cardboard houses and a whole lotta imagination can create?


simplyvonne said...

love the idea of painting the wooden dolls!!! happy birthday zoe!!!

christine said...

Jozen what an adorable birthday party for your little one!! Such a cute and lovely way to throw a party for a princes

helen said...

jozen! this is SO cute!!! looks like a wonderful time :)

Becky said...

oh my gosh I love it -- the girls must have absolutely loved painting the little dolls! I know my girls would have!

Alely said...

love this! you are so creative and such a fun momma!