Saturday, October 13, 2012

the search for the perfect pumpkin

fall has arrived in my little corner of the world
and every fall it's a family tradition to put on our gum boots
make our way over to our local pumpkin patch 
and hunt for the perfect pumpkin 
that will eventually be carved into a jack o'lantern

and every year, pia pretty much picks her pumpkin
within minutes of getting to the patch
and ever year, zoe will carefully pick up
at least a dozen pumpkins or more
carefully inspect it
put it back down and exclaim
"no, it's not the one..."
and carefully wander through the patch searching for 
the most perfect pumpkin

 until husband and i start saying things like
"zoe, pick a pumpkin now, or else we will pick it for you!"
haha! that usually gets her moving 

the next step is choosing a design to carve the pumpkins into
sometimes that takes even more time than actually choosing said pumpkin

oh, the patience us mama's need!


Sarah said...

That first pic of your girls is so sweet!

- Sarah

Sandy a la Mode said...

this looks SOO fun!! i LOVE their outfits!!

Sandy a la Mode