Friday, October 19, 2012

j+m { 01.09.2012 }

link to video here

photographs are amazing aren't they?
they capture a moment in time that we will never get back
they manage to capture emotions--from joy to sadness

my sister married her high school sweetheart a few weeks ago
we just received the professional photos a few days ago

these two amazing photographers
managed to capture a day that was 2 years in the making
a day filled with love, tears, laughter, two families becoming one

they perfectly captured the beginning
of my sister's happily ever after

thank you lucida photography


megan lane said...

wow, these are absolutely stunning!!

helen said...

aw, such a BEAUTIFUL wedding!!! love all the sweet yellows. congrats to your sister and her new hubby! :)

simplyvonne said...

so beautiful!!!! your sister look just like you! you guys look like twins!!! what a gorgeous wedding too!

GingerBabyMama said...

What an amazing day you had! The photos are gorgeous and all of the wedding details look absolutely stunning, as do the wedding party!!

Jean said...

beautiful. congratulations to your sister and her new husband! what great captures!!! i love the colors! so warm!

Becky said...

loving all those pops of yellow on the grey -- really pretty. Backlit with late sun is just stunning

Elisse said...

I love wedding photos, and they chose the perfect photographers with Melia of Lucida Photography. Your sis looks breathtaking in these pics :)

Aissa said...

What a gorgeous wedding! The photography is just beautiful, and that video...tear! Congrats Jayjay and Mikko! And congrats to your family as well!