Friday, October 26, 2012

NYC must eats

i am by no means a foodie
but i do love food
(just ask husband)
and one of my all time favorite things to do while on vacay is eat
and by eat, i mean eat out
i love to try the "must eats" of the city i am exploring

during our NYC adventure, 
my taste buds and husband's
had the time of their lives

here is a list of why

recommended by my baby sis
the eatery is simply delicious!
try the mac n jac... you will not leave disappointed

the pork buns at ippudo are most definitely worth the wait
the ramen is pretty good too
 come early, this place gets pretty busy!

who doesn't love fried dough?
check out the doughnut plant
they have doughnut flavors from coconut cream to green tea to 
salted peanut to oatmeal
who knew these kinds of flavors existed?

pizza under the brooklyn bridge
the place that husband and i really wanted to try 
was just way too busy (almost a 3 hour wait)
 but we went to the next best and it was delizioso!

one of my favorite types of food is vietnamese
head on over to republic and have the pork chops
so so so yummy!

husband is a ruben sandwich connoisseur
you will find the best in the city
and don't worry they are open until 5am on the weekends
so if you happen to have a hankering for a ruben 
that late (or early!) swing on by!

i have a soft spot for this place ever since watching the movie serendipity 
(one of my all time favorite movies!)
the frozen hot chocolate never disappoints
and if you want something to go with your hot chocolate
try the meatloaf! it's Yummy with a capital "y"
(thanks andrea for the suggestion!) 

husband and i ate at the meatball shop 
on our second to last night
if we had eaten here on one of our first days
i think we would have eaten here at least four more times
it was that good!

 you can't go to new york
and not have a new york style cheesecake!
check out juniors
it's right in times square
you can enjoy your cheesecake and the lights of time square at the same time

ok, for all you in n out lovers out there,
 you must check out
shake shack--the brain child of danny meyer
the cheeseburger is a slice of burger heaven

and last but not least
my most favorite of habana
the corn.. oh the corn
i could have eaten the corn for breakfast, lunch and dinner
if husband allowed me to
(he didn't)
which is a good thing because i would 
have never been able to eat all the other delicious food nyc had to offer
(thank you husband for being my voice of reason)

thank you nyc! my taste buds thank you
but my waist line does not


megan lane said...

My favorite part of traveling is eating :) this all looks amazing!!

mandy said...

everything looks yummy! I am trying to get better at researching places to eat before we travel, otherwise we just seem to eat at the same places we can in our own town.

Elisse said...

Yummy post! You certainly ate like locals while you were there :) Serendipity 3 was a must, and same with Juniors!

Paper-Charmed said...

wow, everything looks good. will have to try some of these when we travel there...