Saturday, November 3, 2012

it's tradition

at the end of each summer
our little family heads on over to our local fair

i take a photo of the girls against the "how tall are you?" stick 
to see how much they have grown from last summer
we ride some rides
we indulge in yummy (but not good for us) food
we ride some more rides
we eat some more not-good-for-us food
we pretty much just have a blast
and spend too many pennies doing it

it's tradition!

it's funny because when the girls were babies
my husband and i started to do traditions with the girls from our own childhoods
but we also started some of our own little family traditions like
and now the girls are at the age where they ask
"mama, when are we going to the fair?"
"daddy, when are we going to the pumpkin patch?"

it's really rewarding to see the girls really truly enjoying and looking
forward to our little traditions


Jzabela said...

love starting family traditions! we missed the fair this year but i think we're hoping to start a new annual tradition that i will blog about soon! :)

Jean said...

love family traditions!

having them stand against the height thingy is brilliant!

Elisse said...

What a sweet feeling to see your daughters embrace your traditions :)

Sandy a la Mode said...

soo fun! i love what your girls are wearing!!

Sandy a la Mode