Monday, November 12, 2012

what we did in....

i was m.i.a last week because our little family was away in las vegas!
now you must be thinking... vegas? for a family vacay? really?

you know the real reason why we went

but interestingly enough... it was pretty family friendly!
husband and i don't care much for gambling or drinking
we really just walked around and took in the sights
and of course ate until our bellies were stuffed

oh, and my parents stole the girls away for one day
and took them to the happiest place on earth
(it was only a 4 hour drive my dad kept saying...)
what my parents do for my girls i tell you

oh, and if you are wondering
does what happens in vegas really stay in vegas?

 you will soon find out
stay tuned for my next post!


megan lane said...

My mom was in Las Vegas the last couple of weeks visiting my aunt! How fun! Looks like some good eats.

Elisse said...

What a great getaway! By your Instagram pics, I thought it was a spontaneous trip, at first - but then when I realized how the trip evolved, I was surprised!

cham said...

M&M World! Omygod!!! *dies*

little t said...

I've always wanted to go- but NOW! These pics are amazing. For the food alone!