Friday, November 16, 2012

viva las vegas!

in my last post i was being a little cryptic about the saying
does "what happens in vegas really stay in vegas?"

well, i am sure that most of the time it does
but when you elope
that most definitely does not stay in vegas!

yep, my middle sister and her fiance decided to elope
and took us with them!

we had a total of less than 6 weeks to plan (tops!)
she wanted it to be super, duper simple

i was pretty much down on my hands and knees
begging her to have a cake, flowers, favors and a photographer
(what can i say? it's the professional wedding planner in me)
she finally relented (after much heart felt begging on my part)
and i turned to my good friend google
and started hunting down las vegas wedding vendors

i think everything turned out perfect!
all of these photos are just from everyone's iphones 
 i hope to share the pro ones soon enough
you might just see elvis in a few ;)

viva las vegas!

ps. if you think planning a wedding in 6 weeks is tough
try keeping it a secret from almost everyone you know!
now that's tough! 


Alely said...

i love this! so simple and sweet yet beautiful at the same time.

megan lane said...

How exciting!! And how awesome if you to arrange all the details with so little time to do so. I'm sure she is thankful that you convinced her :) looks like a blast!!