Saturday, December 8, 2012

our 25 days of christmas countdown

for as long as the girls can remember
we have been preparing for the 
birth of baby jesus with our 
25 days of christmas countdown
essentially it's just an advent calendar
but instead of chocolates to count down the days
husband and i try to do activities
with the girls that embody the spirit of christmas

of course with the girls in school during the day
and busy, busy evenings with after school activities and homework etc
there are days when treats and not activities make it onto the calendar

we also have our whole family get involved
both sets of grandparents choose a day and activity
and so do both of my sisters

the activities don't cost a lot
actually most of the ones we choose to do are free
(since the holidays get so costly already!)

here is what the first week of advent has looked like for us
(if you follow me on instagram you already know!)


day 1: breakfast with santa
day 2: santa claus parade
day 3: toy slinkys
day 4: visit and photo with santa
day 5: donate toys to the toy drive
day 6: go to the store and choose your very own ornament
day 7: christmas movie night

and today for day 8 it's extra special
 they had waffles for breakfast and received mini blythe dolls
and in the evening my in laws
will be picking them up and taking them to a christmas party!

the countdown is really fun to do
but it really does showcase how time just flies
the first week of december is almost over!
i'm off to wrap more presents
happy weekending folks!


Bubbles said...

I love this when I see it every year and feel quite disappointed that I can't pinch the idea for when I have children as I don't celebrate Christmas. For my religious festival we only make food and dress up on the actual day (no house decorating etc..) but maybe I too like you can make my own traditions, I'll have to see :)

ellyn said...

You know I love this, friend! You all are so adorable.


Elisse said...

I'm sure your daughters look forward to your countdown to Christmas! Happy holidays!