Wednesday, August 10, 2011

my birthday

 it was my birthday last week
my birthday isn't celebrated with a lot of fanfare
and that's just the way i like it

on my wish list this year were just two things:
a clean house from top to bottom 
and for my mom to cook me my favorite foods for dinner

well i got all that plus a few extra goodies sprinkled in between

i woke up to breakfast in bed
unbeknownst to me, zoe had been planning my breakfast in bed for a few days
she had told my hubs her plans because 
"i need help cooking because i'm only 5 and i don't know how to cook."

my hubs said that she went downstairs to wake him 
(he had fallen asleep on the couch)
and told him that it was 7:15 a.m and that he had to get up to start cooking
if you know my hubs, he is so not a morning person
so zoe waited patiently for fifteen minutes before trying to wake him again
"hurry daddy! mommy always wakes up early!"
finally after much cajoling from zoe, he got up to make my breakfast

on the menu:
scrambled eggs, fresh fruit, nutella toast and orange juice

i wasn't the only one that enjoyed breakfast in bed!
can you believe this is the first time i have ever had breakfast in bed?!
when i asked zoe how she came up with the idea, 
she told me she saw it on a tv commercial... haha!

after breakfast i was allowed to open my gift

i have been coveting this little camera for a while so i was a happy girl

after breakfast we got dressed
i wore my sanita clogs (yay!) which i had picked up during our portland trip

we stopped at the bakery/deli for some sandwiches and macarons
and headed to the park for a birthday picnic

the girls had a blast running around the park

on the way home we stopped at our favorite gelato place for some gelato

after we had our fill of yummy gelato we headed to my parents place
my mom had made all my favorite foods for dinner

and what's a birthday without cake?
my dad picked mine out

and now that i'm a mom, i have to share my birthday wish with two little girls
but i don't mind

and after dinner we headed home because we had a big day the next day
my zoe was turning six! yep! her birthday is the day right after mine!

and she had an extra special birthday this year!
make sure you come back later this week to see how we celebrated!


simplyvonne said...

your daughter is soooo thoughtful! and i love how she got that idea from a commercial! my hubby is definitely not a morning person either!

Happy belated birthday dear! glad to see that you had a great one!

hayley.jay said...

what a thoughtful hubs and baby girls :) happy birthday to you!

Therese said...

Some things really do make you go aaahhhhh.
What a lovely Birthday! I shall look in to see how you celebrated your daughters Birthday as I really enjoyed reading all about yours.

Jenn Kirk said...

Happy birthday to you! Oh man, is that pinakbit I see?!

Sonja said...

That looks like a birthday of deliciousness!!! And tons of fun! Your girls are adorable...oh also so is your little icon when you comment! So cute! I can't quite see it cause it's itty-bitty but I love it anyhow! :o)
thanks for your comment by the way! :o)

Anonymous said...

how lovely! thanks for your sweets comment! and Happiest Birthday wishes! xoxo

hoped you checked out my current little jewelry Giveaway, lovely!


Tang said...

Ahhh I've been coveting one of those cameras as well!! Hope you had an amazing one!

Joanne | Life's Fascinations said...

Happy belated birthday!! Looks like you had a pretty good birthday. And you got a really cool gift!
I have to say this post brought tears to my eyes. You have a beautiful family. I can't wait to have my own soon. :)

Alely said...

happy belated birthday friend! trying to catch up on reading my faves!