Wednesday, August 3, 2011

weekend snapshots: portland edition- day 3

 on our third and final morning
we set out early to grab some breakfast
this time around, the hubs and i decided to forgo slappy cakes
and try a new place called gravy
but when the girls heard this, they weren't impressed
and insisted that we go to slappy cakes
so slappy cakes it was....

in all honestly, i didn't mind because i do love slappy cakes!
it's lots of fun and the food is super yummy ( i told you i say yummy a lot)

i always, always order the toadstool but this time i ordered something different
the migas, which was scrambled eggs and bell peppers, 
red onions and tortilla strips
boy oh boy was it ever yummy!

after breakfast it was time to hit the road back home
but before we did, we made a pit stop at saint cupcake to get some cupcakes for the road
but they were closed!
but we spotted another cupcake bakery and decided to give that one a try

i like the name... don't you?

i ordered my usual red velvet
pia got chocolate with chocolate buttercream icing
and zoe got vegan vanilla with vegan icing ( i don't think she realized it was vegan)

but before we got back to our van, the hubs got distracted by a cigar store
(if you know him in person, please tell him cigars are bad for his health!)
so the girls and i sat down to patiently wait for him
but before we knew it, we had eaten all our cupcakes!

when my hubs came out of the store the first thing he said was
"where did all the cupcakes go?!"


so  then we were cupcake-less for the ride home

a special thanks goes out to our favorite oregonians for letting us crash
at your place once again!
we love you guys!

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cArLa said...

i love your road trips, specially the foodie stops!

little t said...

Oh my God your kids are so adorable!!

You'll have to try gravy the next time, but I can totally see why the girls didn't want a change.

Sandy a la Mode said...

oh yum!! fruit and cupcakes are some of my fave!!

Tang said...

Haha the girls look so happy with their pancakes! Love it!

Anonymous said...

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Lacey said...

Thanks for all the food truck tips! I'll be in Portland the end of August and am looking forward to it. I love your blog - I'm located in Bellingham, WA so not too far away :)

Mixie Studio said...

Ooooo! I wish we had a Slappy Cakes in our neck of the woods! My daughter and husband would LOVE it! Thanks for sharing :)