Tuesday, August 2, 2011

weekend snapshots: portland edition- day 1

this past weekend we packed up our van and our little family
and headed down south for a mini road trip
to one of our favorite cities
to enjoy some sunshine, a wee bit of shopping and lots of good eats

 saturday started off bright and early with a trip to the big egg food truck

hubs saw them featured on the food network and told me to add it to my "list"
he was definitely right about this one!
i ordered the pdx breakfast sandwich

hubs got the breakfast wrap
my sandwich was super yummy! but his wrap was even yummier! 
good thing he loves me because he gave me half... haha!

after breakfast we did a little bit of shopping
we hit up some vintage shops/antique malls

everything was seriously so pretty!
it was like etsy but even better because you didn't have to wait for the item to be shipped to you!

everything was styled so nice and pretty
i almost didn't want to touch anything for fear of misplacing an item!

hubs and i saw so many items that could have come home with us,
but we only have so much room in our van and so much pennies to spend!
but i did pick up this lovely brownie bulls-eye camera
to add to my ever growing vintage brownie camera collection

after shopping, we headed downtown to eat off some of the food trucks
there was so much to choose from!

after walking around two full blocks of truck
i settled on the first one i initially saw

i got the special "mr. ma dumplings" 
(the story behind why the truck was started is super cute too)

the dumplings were oh so yummy!
(warning: i say yummy a lot)

we walked around downtown to work off our lunch
and then for dinner we headed to our all time favourite portland restaurant, thanh tao!
it's vietnamese and thai fusion... i know interesting huh?
it's a little hole in the wall and doesn't look like much
but the food is super yummy and the service is excellent

if you go you must try the sizzling rice soup
after the server brought it to our table, three other tables around us ordered it too!

after dinner we had a little surprise for the girls
we told them we were going to watch a movie...

it's something that has been on my summer to do list--waiting to get crossed off
but bad weather up here in vancouver has made us cancel our plans more than a few times!

but it was a perfect night in portland
and the movie was perfect too!
shrek forever after--which we haven't seen yet

the girls would alternate between watching the movie and gazing up at the stars
it was the perfect way to end the day

make sure you stop by again later today for day 2 and day 3!!
(there was just too many snapshots to jam pack into one post!)


simplyvonne said...

what an awesome vintage camera..wow it ws just $15 for the camera back then.

im excited for our baby to be a bit older so we can too just pack up and travel :)

Mrsink said...

Oh my word! That look alike so much fun! I love the new camera and all the photos make me want to pack up our kids and hit the road. :)

Joanne | Life's Fascinations said...

I didn't know you collected vintage cameras. That is so cool!!
I haven't been to Portland yet. I hope to go soon coz they have no tax so lots of shopping! :)
Have a great time in Portland.

hayley.jay said...

I was in Portland this weekend too, my cousin was actually at the Movie in the Park on Saturday night...small world!

Sonja said...

ooooh some sweet purchases and delicious looking food! :o)
Just came across your blog now, I like it!

Jenn Kirk said...

Vietnamese + Thai fusion? Whaaaaat? That sounds (and looks) so good!

Bad Joan said...

Great snapshots! Looks like you had fun!


Eleni said...

My boyfriend's sister has just moved to Oregon...not sure if she's near Portland but if we ever get to visit I'll know where to eat! You and I have that in common: we must report back on all the food we've eaten when we've been away :)

Connie @ Daydream In Color said...

Aww it looks like you guys had fun! I love all the pictures & the kids are too cute! Let me know next time you're in town & I'll try to throw out other suggestions!