Wednesday, August 3, 2011

weekend snapshots: portland edition- day 2

day 2 in this lovely city started off a little late 
because we got in late from the movie the night before
the girls let us sleep in until 8am 
(that is pretty good considering they are always up before 7am!)
we had breakfast back at the house
but for lunch we headed out to the grilled cheese grill
 it's a food truck, but what is super neat is that they converted 
a vintage double decker bus into a dining area 
where patrons can eat their delicious grilled cheese sandwiches!

the girls loved the bus
but kept asking questions like:
"where is the driver?"
"what happens if it leaves and we are not done eating?"

ok... i have had many grilled cheese sandwiches in my life
but this has got to be the best one i have ever eaten

as you can see, hubs thought the same thing

it was seriously so yummy!

after our cheese-tastic lunch 
we went back to the pearl district
the day before we had stumbled upon 
the most esthetically eye pleasing water park you can imagine
it's so urban looking, yet so kid friendly and right in the heart of the city!
we wanted to bring the girls back because the day before they didn't have bathing suits on

after splish splashing around for a few hours
hubs and i hit up some more vintage shops and antique malls

once again it was like i had stepped into a brick and mortar etsy

and once again there were so many pretty things that could have come home with us
but of course we can't buy every pretty thing we laid our eyes on
but i did come home with another vintage brownie camera to add to my collection
(hubs has officially cut me off now)

and a vintage kitchen scale, which hubs actually found (he has a good eye!)
 i have been slightly addicted to kitchen scales since
my find during our trip to LA

for dinner we headed over to mississippi avenue
we wanted to try a little mexican restaurant: por que no
every time we drove past this little place, there was always a lineup out the door
and we wanted to know what all the fuss was about

um, can we all say yummy together?

the handmade tortilla chips, salsa and guacamole were absolutely delicious!

oh, and the tacos... the tacos
were like little pieces of heaven wrapped in a tortilla shell 
ok, i am being a little dramatic
but they were super yummy indeed and i have never seen hubs eat that fast before!

the girls kept saying
"this is what dora (the explorer) eats!" haha
kids are so funny

after dinner we did a target run because we don't have target up here in canada (gasp!)
and who doesn't love target?!
and that was  how we ended off our day 2
check out day 1 here

make sure you come back for day 3 later on!
there were just too many weekend snapshots to jam pack into one post.


City Life to Ranching Wife said...

Looks like you are having a wonderful time! Glad you made it to a Target! :)

cArLa said...

i'm seriously drooling over the milk glass! can't wait for day 3!

Rubyellen said...

por que no?!! oh how i love that place!!!

junesanjuan said...

omg...i need (not want)..NEED to take a road trip to Portland just for the food trucks! practically all the shows on Eat St. features at least 1 food truck from there!

Becky said...

What a great little trip. Katie has the same blue cherries bathing suit -- love that one!

I used to go to Portland all. the. time. for work, but didn't do a whole lot of antiquing at the time, so I never shopped through any of those places -- ugh, will have to make it up there someday soon.

Laura Wynn said...

ooo! I LOVE portland!! I really, really want to go to that Grilled Cheese place. Awesome.

Small Burst said...

Jozen, what a fun time in Portland. I love the northwest. That sandwich is making my mouth water. I collect old cameras too!! I love vacations, so much to see and buy!