Thursday, December 1, 2011

25 days of christmas

ever since the girls could understand and actively participate
we have been doing a countdown to the birth of baby jesus
(see last year here, and the year before here)
our advent calendar consists mainly of daily activities
ranging from writing a letter to santa to baking christmas cookies or
donating toys to our local toy bank
our whole family gets involved and my sisters and parents
make plans with the girls for special activities as well!
but of course sweets are thrown in here and there
because sweets are nice too!

for the past two Christmases, our advent calendar looked like this
but this year, i changed it up a bit
and it looks like this

the only problem with this year's calendar was the fact that my zoe can read now!
so, i had to turn all the tags around because i like to keep
the activities a surprise

zoe has been eagerly waiting for the first day of december 
so that we can start our countdown to the birth of baby jesus
it's so rewarding to see the girls growing up and appreciating
our little family traditions
the first thing she did this morning was race downstairs 
to find out what our first activity was
(which i hope to post later)
i will try my bestest to do a daily "countdown to christmas" post
so please do stop by when you can!

what are some of your christmas traditions?


Liesl said...

Such cute pictures and I am loving the little mittens...super cute!!! Such a great idea!

Liesl :)

ellyn said...

LOVIN' IT! So cozy, Jozen! We're crashing your living room. :)

gina said...

PRECIOUS! How exciting that she can read now, isn't that just a turning point! It adds a whole new dimension to parenting and the experience! Yay! Pretty Christmas decor, and what cute little advent stockings!
My favorite Christmas Traditions are pretty basic: christmas music while decorating the tree, and Celine Dion Christmas, YES YOU HEARD ME CORRECTLY. And Christmas morning we make cinnamon rolls. I mean honestly, geez, I need new Christmas traditions, all of mine are basic, but I still love em!!!
Oh , when I was a kid my mom use to come and wake each of us kids up in our rooms with a music box that lit up and played Oh Christmas Tree....I can still hear it and imagine that ....

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

this is so cute! i love this advent calendar :)

Alely said...

so cute! unfortunantly, we failed to do advent calendars with the kids...maybe because it's just such a very busy time of the year not only because of Christmas but many birthdays as well. Looking back I wish we had done this. Keep it going. I'm looking forward to seeing your daily posts!

Sarah said...

So awesome. You are such a good and creative momma!

- Sarah

Sarah Joy said...

So cute!
I can't wait til Audrey is old enough to get excited for an Advent.
Your girls are just precious. :)

Paper-Charmed said...

LOVE the pictures. super cute advent calendar!

Laura said...

I love this idea! Filing away for my future family.